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After being on WordPress since August 2009, Kate B 1-2-3 has moved!

Not to put down WordPress, but our new host gives us a lot more freedom to make Kate B what I want! Same Kate, same articles, same everything…. except the link. Don’t forget to bookmark my new link, sign up for RSS feeds and subscribe for daily updates! And you can follow me on Twitter so you won’t miss a thing!



You can now read your favourite Kate B posts on Hub Pages, a content sharing site which allows writers to share their work, get noticed and get paid!

Posts will still be here on wordpress as well, but Hub Pages will give you a little more!

Check it out, and even join yourself! It’s ridiculously easy, fun, and I promise that I’ll be your first fan:)

This winter sucks. I know I shouldn’t beĀ surprised every year when, without fail, it’s frigid and snowy and icky and gross but I am. Sure, I’m Canadian. Doesn’t meanĀ I have to LIKE having my toes be cold for 5 months straight.

Today is Groundhog day, and it seems all of the North American groundhogs have come to a consensus: 6 more weeks of winter.


Click here for the full story, or go stick your head in an oven. Whatever.

The oven will be warmer, though.

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