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This little video is circulating the web…

How would Hamlet have been different if Shakespeare had given Ophelia a Sassy Gay Friend?

Roger Ebert is my hero.

He has been for many years, in fact, since I watched him review films on Ebert and Roeper as a teen. I wanted to be like him, a critic. I was lucky enough to actually live that dream a little in my short life, but no one can even touch Ebert when it comes to professional accomplishments. He has published countless books, received several honours, changed the world of film criticism forever, and inspired generations to love movies again. But now, he is facing a fight for his life. A fight which has cost him something he is perhaps best known for (except his thumbs perhaps): his voice.

Roger Ebert on the cover of Esquire

The idea is horrifying: a critic literally losing his voice. However, Ebert is everything but silenced. His voice, while audibly absent still lives on in his writing. RogertEbert.com features up-to-date reviews of recent films, and he is also a featured columnist for the Sun Times. Ebert recently exhibited the utmost bravery in revealing to the world his face for an interview in Esquire.

Some might call it monstrous, others might call it honest, but it is nonetheless the reality for Ebert now. He speaks through a computer, and through notes he writes. Supported by his wife Chaz, Ebert remains a very key member of the film world.

Many say Ebert is dying; he prefers to think of things more optimistically. While his time with us may be limited, his impact is not. His passions, and opinions, will live on forever in his writing, his television series’, and his trademarked “thumbs up”.

Jessica Simpson's, err, "beauty regimen" as posted on her Twitter

So this would be found in the dictionary under “Too Much Information”.

Just… wow.

I thought everyone had twitter. I’m starting to realize I may be wrong.

I was once like you. I hated Twitter, hated the idea of it really, but also just didn’t want to leave my soft warm comfort zone that is Facebook. Well, since I’m not going to add my readers to Facebook (that’s a stalking waiting to happen), I would love it if you would follow me on Twitter.

If you don’t already have Twitter, or don’t understand it, here’s a brief summary of what it does.

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This winter sucks. I know I shouldn’t be surprised every year when, without fail, it’s frigid and snowy and icky and gross but I am. Sure, I’m Canadian. Doesn’t mean I have to LIKE having my toes be cold for 5 months straight.

Today is Groundhog day, and it seems all of the North American groundhogs have come to a consensus: 6 more weeks of winter.


Click here for the full story, or go stick your head in an oven. Whatever.

The oven will be warmer, though.

Sometimes they actually do have great programming. Even socially relevant programming. Dare I say it, they’re making thoughtful docs on real issues. You may all have an opinion of MTV’s production value after seeing the abysmal Jersey Shore (see below), but I actually still have faith in they’re potential.

Exhibit A: Teen Mom.

Maci tries to study, but son Bentley wants to play

The show began as 16 and Pregnant, a Juno inspired doc that chronicled the lives of a half-dozen pregnant teens as they struggled to decide what to do with their unborn children. Most chose to keep them, one chose adoption, but all the stories were moving. It got a lot of flack as pandering to the lowest common denominator, glorifying teen pregnancy or simply just exploiting these young girls, but I think it did nothing of the sort.

Far from abandoning the story after the babies were born, MTV created a new, even more popular series called Teen Mom. It follows these moms as they attempt to adjust to life after their decision to keep their children (or in Catelynn’s case, give it up for adoption). It shows girls the consequences of their actions, and inspires confidence rather than pity.

The finale was last week and a reunion show is scheduled to air this week, however you can watch all episodes of 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom on MTV.ca or MTV.com.

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