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Well, the Vancouver 2010 Olympics are over, but the memories will live on for Canadians for a long time to come. Not only did we break records, but we had some truly amazing moments. Read on for this Canadian Girl’s countdown of the best moments of these Olympic Games.
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An example of the "burqa" head scarf

Most are familiar with the “burqa“, a full head covering worn by some Muslim women.  It is seen mainly in the Middle East, but many immigrants or Muslim people in other countries also continue to practice the tradition. Not to be confused with the head scarf “hijab“, the burqa covers everything except for the eyes.

Unfortunately, the tradition has become much harder to follow for many Muslims living in France.

France has recently begun the process of banning the burqa from being worn in many public service areas (i.e. the bus, government offices, etc), even threatening to refuse services to women who are wearing it. This appears to be an effort to curb what many believe is a sexist practice, as well as to make sure that people are required to show there faces in places such as the passport office.

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Mike Fisher, one of the stars of the Ottawa Senators Hockey Club (Go Sens Go!) announced yesterday that he had asked his girlfriend Carrie Underwood to marry him, and she said YES!

Not really a shock though. He’s a super cute, rich, Canada sweetheart.

Carrie Underwood, in case you live under a rock, is the American Idol winner turned Country Superstar who has torn up the airwaves with her powerballads and girl-power rants for the past few years. (I know for a fact women have been inspired to dig their keys into the side of pretty little souped up 4-wheel-drives because of her).

At last nights Boston vs. Ottawa game in Ottawa, Carrie (accidentally?) flashed the rock while sitting in her suite with a friend.


I guess that’s what happens when all-star Canadian hockey player marries a Nashville superstar.

I hope she moves to Ottawa, and doesn’t steal our Sens Star over to crappy Nashville. I’ll see her around town, and it’s too cold for paparazzi.

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