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Sorry for the relatively long hiatus, but there’s a big update!

I’m in Toronto, loving it, and I have a new family member.

His name is Buster, and he’s a little puppy I got from a shelter. 10 months old, part daschund and part Rottweiler mix!

I’m having a great time with him and will hopefully get some pictures soon!

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Well, the Vancouver 2010 Olympics are over, but the memories will live on for Canadians for a long time to come. Not only did we break records, but we had some truly amazing moments. Read on for this Canadian Girl’s countdown of the best moments of these Olympic Games.
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No, there is no new designer drug. Sorry folks.

This week was the biggest week in the history of my fun little blog. We’ve been at almost 100 views per day for almost the entire week, and have had a total of 1,300 page views since I started in September! Sure, that’s kinda tame considering, but things are picking up!

Thank you for reading, little minions, and please pass it along to your friends. Literally all of my traffic comes from passing the word along (with the exception of this week, which has been successful partly thanks to being one of the top Avatar image/review results).

I hope you enjoy, and with this newfound traffic you can expect even more posts and fun stuff.

Comments are still looking scarce, folks, so don’t be afraid to add your two cents. I read them all, and usually respond.


Please keep checking the site in the next few days for an update in the world of Kate.

Happy Blogging 🙂

If you haven’t checked out crime dramedy Castle, be sure to set your PVR this Friday. The new season airs on American TV on Sept. 21st and I for one am very excited. Funny, sexy, and one of the most popular Tweeters that ever tweeted (or is it twitted?), Canadian Nathan Fillion is its star. He is one of the only men my mother and I commonly crush on.

Bam! said the Lady

Bam! said the Lady

Nathan Fillion stars as Richard Castle Friday's on CTV

Nathan Fillion stars as Richard Castle Friday's on CTV

– Kate B.


1787185You guessed it, Lydia, its Toronto!

Why did I make Toronto my banner city, you ask? Why not new york or perhaps even Ottawa, the city I’m currently in?

Well because I’m a dreamer, folks. And I like my pictures to mean something. I’ll get to the cherry blossoms later!

I want more than ANYTHING to move to Toronto. I’m done school, which I attended in a town that made me feel even more isolated than the suburbs (I’m not kidding), but with the added charm of heroin addicts following you home. I’m not exaggerating…

Why do I want to go to Toronto? Well as a writer who specializes in film and popular culture, Ottawa is not really the place to be. There are 40 publishing houses, dozens of publications and hundreds of production companies in Toronto, and I’m determined to work at one of them (all of them can also expect my resume in the mail sometime during the next month).

The thing that’s killing me is that I’m a doer… I know that’s not a word but please, focus. I hate the idea of not having something exciting to do next, not having exciting things happening around me. I LOVE the job I work at now, the people are amazing and the work isn’t hard, but that might be part of the problem. I have always had an intense desire to be challenged, and have since I was about 5 years old. I remember hating grade 8 (for many reasons) but one of them was that I was finished my work before everyone else. So I fucked around in the back and hated life, and called my teacher a dumb ass once… and since I was the goody two shoes for the past 8 years, he didn’t even punish me! He believed me…. I was telling the truth too.

Some people might take this as my being unable to live in the moment. I’d partially agree, but at least I’m not living in the past anymore, right? I’m always looking to the next thing, always wanting to move forward, to do better, to do more, and I think that’s generally a good trait. So, people reading from Toronto, look out! Also, if you know any good steals on 1 bedroom apartments, let me know!

So, all my fellow readers, what are your goals? Where do you see yourselves in 5 years? I feel corny saying it, but I know I’m not alone in wanting to be that fabulous woman in a pencil skirt and blouse walking down the sidewalk looking important. I want to sit in a coffee shop going over a briefing and have people think, wow… she did something right. Not sitting in my sweats, chubby and dirty looking (aka NOW) and have people think, note to self….

– Kate B.

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Copyright of Columbia Pictures

Copyright of Columbia Pictures

I won’t lie: Meryl Streep can do no wrong in my eyes. The woman is a genius, both beautiful and immensely talented, and when I was a teenager I used to want to be her.

Okay, I still sometimes want to be her.

She’s set an Oscar record, nominated for 15 Oscars and winning 2, and is best known for her ability to transform into any character thrust at her. This has been true since Sophie’s Choice in 1982 and is still true in her latest film Julie & Julie.

Plus, she’s helped along by writer/director Nora Ephron, who wrote one of my personal favourite comedies When Harry Met Sally.

If you haven’t seen that movie, then we’re officially in a fight.

In a equally genius casting move, they placed Streep as a counterpart to the delightful Amy Adams, who has also had her fair share of Oscar accolades in her short career. Adams, sporting much shorter hair than her usual flowing red locks,  plays Julie Powell, a 30 -year-old unpublished writer trapped in a cubicle maze answering phones all day. Hmm… that sounds familiar. No wonder I liked it so much.

Streep, of course, plays legendary chef, writer and cooking instructor Julia Child. Child was an awkwardly tall, bubbly, curly haired woman with major cojones… again this sounds familiar. I hope that no one thinks me biased by this point.

The film follows both the story of Julie, living in New York City in the new millennium, hating her job and cooking to escape, and Julia living a jet setting life in Europe. Julie, hoping to turn her life around and finally get noticed as a writer, starts a blog about (what else?) food. Specifically, the food of Julia Child. She vows to cook all of the 500+ recipes in Child’s cookbook in 1 year. Meanwhile, we follow Julia Childs introduction to the cooking world in while living in France in the 50s.

Copyright of Columbia Pictures

Copyright of Columbia Pictures

Husbands Eric Powell (Chris Messina) and Paul Child (Stanley Tucci) are both happy to taste tests their wives creations. But when Julia cannot get her cookbook published, and Julie’s blog begins to send her over the edge, both of their marriages are put to the test.

The film manages to mix light, fun humour with two moving and interesting stories. I hate to call anything light or fun, because people tend to equate that with unsexy and campy.

Please don’t be an idiot… yes I’m calling you an idiot.

It really IS light and fun, but without making your brain trickle out your ear like the mindless romantic comedies that come out every fortnight (The Ugly Truth, I’m talking to you!)

Women will relate, but men won’t mind tagging along either. Especially if they love to eat.

Go see it! The MovieGod(dess) has spoken!

– Kate B


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