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In this new segment, we will tell our worst TTC stories. Feel free to submit them to me as well, I love a good TTC story.

“The Greedy Bum”

They say beggars can’t be choosers, but some beggars can be a little picky. Case in point: the greedy bum who hangs out near the Bay station. Not content with spare change, this drunken giant (he’s quite tall, it’s a little alarming) can be found screaming and unsuspecting smokers at the front doors of their office buildings demanding they give him a puff of their cigarette.

Um… ew?

I can understand they might not be that concerned with swine flu when they have to worry about food and water and a safe place to sleep, but does your drunk ass think people are going to share their cigarettes with someone who’s crapped himself?

I think not.

He then proceeded to follow me down the subway (I am a bit of a crazy magnet) and mumble to himself, and somehow got onto the platform. He then began to violently fake-cough. This seemed counter intuitive for someone trying to beg for CIGARETTES.


Just another day on the TTC.


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