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If it has the word "last" or "remember"... someone definitely kicks the bucket

Let’s face it: when Hollywood finds a cow that produces they milk it until its dead on the ground. Like Nicholas Sparks for instance. This mediocre 44-year-old romance writer has spawned some of the most successful sap-fests in recent Hollywood history. Everyone cried in A Walk to Remember, and The Notebook is notoriously tissue-worthy. But I’m starting to get bored. Super bored, in fact. Miley Cyrus can do that to you…

8 Easy Steps to Writing a Nicholas Sparks Novel

1. There must be young-people in love. Or old-people in love. Or both

2. Society won’t like it. A rich girl and a poor boy? That storyline is brand spankin’ new!

3. Someone needs to die, be dying, or have some sort of incurable disease. This is a big thing for Nick. Seriously, in every single story someone has cancer, autism, dementia… you get the idea.

4. There must be an old house. It has a lot of history, and it might even be a fixer-upper. What a great thing to spend your dying days doing.

5. Someone needs to lose their virginity. Preferably the young-people in love.

6. It helps if in the film version, you cast a well-known pop sensation or American Sweetheart. It also helps if their names start with M. (Mandy Moore, Miley Cyrus, Rachel McAdams)

7. Beaches must be present and key parts of the story (if you’re curious which books this is true for… its every single one).

8. Similar to the need for beaches in is the need for Carnivals. These are, apparently, the most romantic places in the world. In my experience toothless carnies spitting tobacco on you isn’t really that romantic, but to each his own.

9. Letters, journals, etc should be written in copious amounts and left in bottles or in …. notebooks maybe? Or in songs? Last Songs perhaps?

See, now we can save poor Nick some time and write our very own novels for Hollywood to rip off and make millions off of.

Get crackin’, readers!

Sorry for the relatively long hiatus, but there’s a big update!

I’m in Toronto, loving it, and I have a new family member.

His name is Buster, and he’s a little puppy I got from a shelter. 10 months old, part daschund and part Rottweiler mix!

I’m having a great time with him and will hopefully get some pictures soon!

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I want more! More I say!

Well, the Vancouver 2010 Olympics are over, but the memories will live on for Canadians for a long time to come. Not only did we break records, but we had some truly amazing moments. Read on for this Canadian Girl’s countdown of the best moments of these Olympic Games.
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In this new segment, we will tell our worst TTC stories. Feel free to submit them to me as well, I love a good TTC story.

“The Greedy Bum”

They say beggars can’t be choosers, but some beggars can be a little picky. Case in point: the greedy bum who hangs out near the Bay station. Not content with spare change, this drunken giant (he’s quite tall, it’s a little alarming) can be found screaming and unsuspecting smokers at the front doors of their office buildings demanding they give him a puff of their cigarette.

Um… ew?

I can understand they might not be that concerned with swine flu when they have to worry about food and water and a safe place to sleep, but does your drunk ass think people are going to share their cigarettes with someone who’s crapped himself?

I think not.

He then proceeded to follow me down the subway (I am a bit of a crazy magnet) and mumble to himself, and somehow got onto the platform. He then began to violently fake-cough. This seemed counter intuitive for someone trying to beg for CIGARETTES.


Just another day on the TTC.